OK so we all know the media is ridiculously in the bag for the Democrats, at least until the hippies hit retirement.  But this is ridiculous.

Here I am looking at COMCAST on demand, from the main menu hit the very first selection, Top Picks, and what do you see?

New Movies  Hit Music

Top Kids Shows  Celeb Parenting

Michael Jackson  Democrats

Kubrick-Hitchcock  Highway 18

WWE SummerSlam  Z Rock

see anything funny in there?  Oh yea it has to be a joke right?  No Republicans (or other parties) in sight.  Go ahead, click on it…

Whats in Democrats?

Here ya go:

Caucuses & Councils

Deleg. Service Day

Obama’s 2004 Speech

Online Streaming

Thursday Night

Seriously are you frickin kidding me?  

Maybe if liberals could ever be wrong they’d realize how this looks.

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  • Festus Garvey

    You see something that you know nothing about, don’t do a sliver of research and spout off like you know all the facts.  Pathetic.  

    Do you really think that a company that lives and dies by FCC regulations would be thumbing their nose at the Party currently in office?  Also is is laughable to put Comcast into the context of “liberal media” as you intend it.  Sure in the most pure definition, Comcast is a media company.  But they are in no way the “media” list the NYT or the MSN outlets providing news and info to people (unless you want to count Comcast 8 as a force in news reporting).  No, Comcast is a glorified utility company, much more focused on the ledger sheet than a political agenda.

    After doing as much research on this as you (none) I will offer two possible reasons for your whiney outrage: 1) the Dems paid for the material to be used in the OnDemand area (Comcast started selling ondemand videos to political clinets two years ago–I trust you don’t have a problem with Comcast trying to make a buck). or 2) Comcast is offering replays for free and will be doing it for the Republicans.

    One thing I’m positive about…Comcast is a business and they aren’t going to favor one party over another becuase there business will suffer.

    BTW, FOIS picture quality is so much better that Comcast.  

  • Yellow Cake?

    Perhaps this was timed because of this weeks Democratic National Convention?

    Check On Demand the Monday of the GOP convention and get back to us with your outrage.