OK so we all know the media is ridiculously in the bag for the Democrats, at least until the hippies hit retirement.  But this is ridiculous.

Here I am looking at COMCAST on demand, from the main menu hit the very first selection, Top Picks, and what do you see?

New Movies  Hit Music

Top Kids Shows  Celeb Parenting

Michael Jackson  Democrats

Kubrick-Hitchcock  Highway 18

WWE SummerSlam  Z Rock

see anything funny in there?  Oh yea it has to be a joke right?  No Republicans (or other parties) in sight.  Go ahead, click on it…

Whats in Democrats?

Here ya go:

Caucuses & Councils

Deleg. Service Day

Obama’s 2004 Speech

Online Streaming

Thursday Night

Seriously are you frickin kidding me?  

Maybe if liberals could ever be wrong they’d realize how this looks.

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