Obama makes absurd remark about abortion

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Last night both presidential candidates were involved in back to back, solo interviews in front of a large audience of evangelical Christians in Lake Forest, CA at the Saddleback Church led by famed author/pastor Rick Warren.

When Warren asked Senator Obama “At what point do human babies get rights?”, the senator’s response brought a gasp, not just in the church but in each living room in America that had the event on their TV.

“Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or scientific perspective, answering that question with any specificity, is above my pay-grade.”



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  • Or picking something.

    – conception

    – implantation

    – brain waves

    – heart beat

    – third trimester

    – birth

    I would have liked to have heard why McCain believes it is conception.

  • geo999

    This poser is running for the Presidency and he gives a smart ass answer to a question that he had to know was coming down the pike?

    He has just shown why his “pay grade” should never go beyond that of U.S. Senator.

  • Festus Garvey

    That is one of those questions in which you will get long and complex responses, but never reach an answer everyone would agree on.  Even the Catholic Church as changed their answer over time…for centuries they believed it was when you could feel the baby kick…quickening.  So, indeed, it is one of those questions without an answer everyone can agree on.

  • Festus Garvey

    you’re no longer middleclass and you become rich…now that was the most absurd remark of the night.  Especially from a man whose assests (including his wife’s) are estimated at well over $100 million.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    If you want the baby it gets rights immediately.  If you don’t want the baby it never has rights.

  • Renee

    Of course it is alive what else would it be dead?

    A mother and father has an obligation for the wellbeing of the child outside the womb, why does it make a different if the child is still unborn? In terms of public policy I can not either abuse or neglect my children, never mind terminating their lives.

  • dodge…nothing more.  Why do you not answer the question, Senator?  Whatchu afraid of?

    Even I can answer the question in 10 seconds.

    “The point at which the fetus can survive outside the womb.”

    Agree or not…that’s at least an answer.


  • Laurel

    why Warren didn’t as for the candidate’s positions, both religiously and civilly, on adultery.  But then, that would not have been in McCain’s best interest, so…