Nathan Bech – Olver Sticks Head in Sand on Iraq…

Olver Sticks Head in Sand on Iraq

31st July 2008

John Olver (D – Amherst) refuses to recognize the reality on the ground in Iraq according to Nathan Bech (R- West Springfield) his challenger in this year’s 1st district congressional race.  Olver’s official congressional website… says, “The increase in troops helped bring about a significant reduction in violence, but so far the strategy has failed to create a political consensus between opposing factions of the Iraqi government.”

May 10th 2007, John Olver voted for and Congress passed bill H.R. 2206, which included 18 benchmarks intended to gauge success in the security and political reconciliation of Iraq.  Bech says Olver’s assertion ignores the real progress made by the Iraqi government and ignores his own benchmarks, “Every credible report shows significant political progress. The plan for provincial governance, the de-Bathification laws, amnesty for former insurgents, and legislation setting for procedures to form semiautonomous regions have all been achieved.  Maliki is demonstratively taking on extremists of his own sect.”

In White House reports required by the H.R. 2206, a new assessment to Congress shows that Iraq’s efforts on 15 of 18 benchmarks are “satisfactory”-almost twice of what it determined to be the case a year ago. The May 2008 report card determines that only two of the benchmarks-enacting and implementing laws to disarm militias and distribute oil revenues-are unsatisfactory.

“I respect Olver’s vote against the use of force in Iraq, but just because he lost that vote is no reason to advocate for the United States to lose this war.  It is no reason to stick your head in the sand about our progress,” Said Bech.  “Olver continues to advocate a cut and run strategy that would leave Al Qaeda in Iraq and an Iranian sphere of influence that would destabilize a region of the world we are dependent on for energy.  Olver won’t let us win in Iraq; he won’t let us drill in the United States.  He just keeps ignoring American problems.  

He keeps sticking his head in the sand.”  

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