More bad news. Colorado slipping away!

The word is that Barr is drawing votes away from McCain in this once Republican stronghold, the libertarians are straining the GOP coalition. Democraphic favor the Democrats. More liberals are moving into the state and there’s a large immigrant population, a key to growing Dem majorities statewide and natinoally. (Has anyone heard from Tancredo lately?) Is Colorado ready for Obama? Apprently the GOP brand is so damaged the media takes glee in the little armies of Jim Leaches.

In Colorado, Democrat Betsy Markey, 52, is challenging three-term Republican Marilyn Musgrave, 59, in the congressional district that includes Larimer County, which hasn’t elected a Democrat in 38 years.

Markey raised 40 percent more money last quarter than the Republican incumbent, drawing new supporters such as Steve Levinger, a lifelong Republican.

Levinger, 45, a hotel owner in Fort Collins, said he is disgusted by “the mess” his onetime party has “gotten this country into.”

“I wouldn’t vote for a Republican now if they were the last person on Earth,” he said.

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We may all be staring into the wilderness.  

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