McCain and Obama on Same-Sex Conception

Has anyone seen any articles or position papers that might tell us where the candidates stand on same-sex conception and human genetic engineering?  Me neither.

Obama, but not McCain, has said that same-sex couples should have “all the rights” of a married man and woman, but he might not even know that he is effectively declaring a right to attempt same-sex conception because he might not even know that same-sex conception is being developed and demanded.

There are many people who insist that same-sex conception should not be prohibited, and that same-sex couples and scientists should be allowed to make their own decision to try it if they want to.  Is that Obama’s position?  Is it McCain’s?

However we as a nation decide this will also dictate whether human genetic engineering is allowed (and vice versa).  Please join me in asking the campaigns to state their position on whether there is a right to attempt same-sex conception or whether it should be prohibited.


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