Massachusetts Is No Picnic

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While Governor Deval Patrick hosted a picnic at his Berkshire mansion, should our lawmakers really be taking time off to have a good time when our state is in need of real leadership and a clear change in fiscal and economic direction?

The poll of 281 U.S. corporate executives put Arizona at No. 8 with 10.5 percent of respondents citing the Grand Canyon state as having the most favorable business climate. Texas ranked No. 1 with a 40.8 percent tally.

California was viewed as the state with the least favorable business climate with New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts sharing the bottom rungs.

We can have all the 10-year, $1-billion Life Sciences initiatives we want, but the word is out: Massachusetts is a bad place to do business.

Massachusetts has become notorious as a state where politicians soak employers for revenue, so is it any wonder that casinos balked at the chance to relocate here? Businesses (here to make money) are routinely tapped for increased taxes to pay for all the items politicians pledge to get themselves reelected.

Couple that with vastly inaccurate forecasts of the costs of programs (like universal health care), scandalous (and criminal) behavior by some politicians, and a threat of closing “corporate loopholes” which are fancy words for sucking more money from businesses, it’s no wonder that more companies are leaving Massachusetts than those who would even joke about coming here.

I have laid out a specific economic development plan for the 2nd Franklin District. A plan that embraces business as an employer of people, not a primary source of state revenue for fiscally undisciplined politicians.

I hope Governor Patrick and his legislature pals had a great time while letting the rest of us eat cake.

Soon, it may just be a box of macaroni and cheese.

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