Kerry’s TMZ dinner “Friend” due in court for assault

Senator Kerry was probably telling the truth regarding how the pathetic photo-op turned into a national embarrassment for the Jr. senator senior citizen who was apparently accomodating several partying drunken women on Nantucket.

But what is more embarrassing perhaps, is the company which the senator keeps. Kirby “The suckerpuncher” Jones was with Kerry when the party goers started snapping shots. According to the Kerry office, Kirby Jones was a friend, in retrospect of his upcoming trial for assault on a 41 year old carpenter and his 11 year old daughter, the Kerry campaign is now saying Senator Kerry doesn’t really know the man.

Sean Joslin is accusing Jones of assault. Patrons of the “Club Car” tavern where the incident occurred describe an angry Jones wrapping his wristwatch around his fist, getting a running start and hitting Joslin from behind, hurting his 11 year old daughter.

FYI* Kirby Jones is the 34th ranked tough guy on Nantucket…OK I made that part up.…

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