Jamie Eldridge feeling confident, leaving campaign trail to attend DNC in Denver

There is no better time to help Steve Levy than the next week.  Why because while Steve is focused on his district and campaigning Jamie Eldridge will be suspending his campaign and going to Denver.  If you can give some time, or some cash next week to reward Steve for staying in the district and working for the seat do so.  Jamie Eldridge has said:

The Democratic National Convention

Although I have been focused primarily on my campaign for State Senate, I am excited to be headed out to the Democratic National Convention for next week.

I’m proud to be attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver as a delegate for our next President, Barack Obama.  I am looking forward to attending the convention, and meeting dedicated Democratic activists and officeholders from across the country.  In fact, I have already committed to going door to door in Colorado for Barack Obama, this Saturday, August 23rd.

Steve Levy will be going door to door in his district on Saturday while Jamie does so in Colorado.  Nuff said.  Hubris is alive and well in the 4th Middlesex District.

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