Gingrich for VP

There I said it.  I want John McCain to pick Newt Gingrich as his running mate.  There is no-one on our side better qualified to go to intellectual battle with the Democrats than Newt.  He would eat Joe Biden alive and spit him out.  He is a brilliant thinker and politically savvy.  Not that I have any sway with the McCain camp but I want Gingrich the time is now.

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  • Festus Garvey

    I did not obtain EaBo’s password, sign in under his name and write this post.  I would like to thank EaBo for putting a bounce in my step today, as I contemplate this dream ticket.  

  • wavemaker

    The baggae is still too much.

    Besides, Biden isn’t the only guy he’d run circles around.

    And he might be a bit of a loose cannon too.

    Love the guy though.

  • Politically savvy? Absolutely. Just ask Anne Manning, the (married)intern (married)  Newt was getting off on:

    “We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.'”

    (Don’t confuse Anne with Callista BIsek, the hot blonde Newt was mounting the whole time he was ranting against Clinton for soiling his own bed. In another nice touch, “According to MSNBC, Bisek sings in the National Shrine Choir, and Newt would often wait for her at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, listening to her sing while he read the Bible.”)

    More evidence of his political astuteness, not to mention his profound sense of morality and basic human decency–speaking of his first wife–this would be the one he divorced while she was : “She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife.” Of course, you’

    re all already familiar with Newt’s idea of chivalry: “He walked out in the spring of 1980…. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said, “Daddy is downstairs. Could he come up?” When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from my surgery.”

    Then, of course, there’s this sweet tale (pardon the pun):

    Kip Carter, his former campaign treasurer, was walking Newt’s daughters back from a football game one day and cut across a driveway where he saw a car. “As I got to the car, I saw Newt in the passenger seat and one of the guys’ wives with her head in his lap going up and down. Newt kind of turned and gave me this little-boy smile. Fortunately, Jackie Sue and Kathy were a lot younger and shorter then.”

    Nice guy, Newt. The antithesis of Catholic Joe Biden–a genuine family man. Then again, I figure most of you on this group haven’t raised a family any more than you’ve served your country in the military. Ideology is so easy when it’s theoretical, isn’t it?

    Yeah, trot him out and let’s let the “family values” contingent decide if he’s going to be your poster boy for anything besides getting your rocks off. McCin’s own wife wasn’t rich enough to fund his lifestyle, and wasn’t as hot after her disfiguring accident, so he pulled a newt as well–after bragging about how many women he’s had!!! Call it The Ticket That Can’t Keep It In Their Pants. BUt hell, at least they’re both old, male, pale, rich, creepy, and sexist. Which is, I guess, exactly what you want when it comes to “exciting the base.”

    As far as “sptting him out”–you could say something halfway sensible like, “Like Biden, (and unlike Bush or McCain), Newt is whipsmart, literate, educated, and articulate and could give the Senator a real run for his money on most matters.”

    The idea that he’d “chew him up and spit him out” is another voice from the fringe. You need to lay off the kool-aid.  

  • If were were picking who we wanted, it would be Michael Steele.

    Newt is a close second.  

  • CapeCodRepublican

    I hope John McCain picks  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. She is perfect and will offset NOBAMA . She has worked hard for the working families, something the Democrats say they do but don’t. She is a conservative and is a fighter. Anyone who knows Texas politics will back me up on this one. You can read more about her at

  • MrThom

    It would have matched up good against Obama/Clinton for divisiveness points but I can’t see it happening.

  • Festus Garvey

    I trust your suggestion is totally serious and I will agree with you about Newt standing head above most politicans in the original thinking department…but do you operate with such political blinders that you villify Democrats who have the slightest flaw–or what you perceive as a flaw–yet you suggest Newt Gingrinch for VP dispite the politically fatal flaws he has?  Are you that blinded?

  • The Angelic One

    I agree with Wavemaker, Festus, & (partially) with Red Mass Monkey. Yes, Newt is a brilliant man but he’s also flawed. Newt being part of a McCain ticket would provide Democrats a stark contrast between the GOP’s “golden oldies” vs their party’s updated version of JKF/LBJ portending a new Camelot.

  • geo999

    Newts’ presence on the ticket would energize the left nuts to incomprehensible levels.

    Many gray ponytailed kiddiecrats consider him the equivalent of the antichrist, so there’s no telling what mayhem they might attempt.

    Much better to clean their clocks in November with someone like Mitt as veep – then appoint Newt as an Alternative Energy or Climate Change Czar. Now that would put their collective panties in a twist, and just might cause The Goracal to spontaneously combust.