From The “Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That” File…

OXFORD- The tall custodian with a shy smile, striking blue eyes and softly waved salt-and-pepper hair wears a gray T-shirt, as do all school custodians in town. In previous years, students at Clara Barton Elementary School knew him as Brian Bonin. However, starting this year, they will know him as Brianna Bonin.

Parents of all pupils at the school can expect to receive a letter this week signed by both Ernest L. Boss, superintendent of schools, and Principal Norman P. Yvon, explaining, “Our night custodian has informed us of his decision to change his gender and, as we begin the school year, he will begin living and working as a woman. He has been a valued employee of the Oxford Public Schools for many years, and we expect his exemplary performance to continue as he changes gender roles.”


Hmm … So why is it again that parents have to discuss such topics with their 7 year olds?

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