Double Standard with Elected Officials – Buonomo vs. Marzilli

What John R. Buonomo did in abusing the public trust was reprehensible.  But on the scale of crimes it’s petty, and non-violent.  What Jim Marzilli did was beyond reprehensible, was violent, and put people at risk of physical harm.  Why then can Buonomo be put on administrative leave without pay and Marzilli still be allowed to collect a check and not show up to work.  

The argument against stripping Marzilli of his pay was that he was elected and you couldn’t do that to an elected official.  Well John R. Buonomo is elected and the following is currently happening:

First elected in 2000, Buonomo has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the case, according to Joan Kenney, a trial court spokeswoman.

How does that happen, and why hasn’t it happened to Marzilli?

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