Deval’s Transport Secretary: Do as I say not as I do.

Bernard Cohen, champion of the taxpayer?  That’s the impression one would get from his actions this past week.  He stared down Dan Grabauskas to rescind the 3% yearly pay raise he was giving his managers.  There’s an interesing twist to this story.  You see Bernard Cohen is not rescinding even higher, up to 7.5%, pay raises he has given his managers, the The Boston Herald is reporting.

Transportation secretary Bernard Cohen asked Grabauskas to halt the raises the T chief gave 273 employees this week as an effort to “leave no stone unturned in restoring fiscal health to all transportation agencies.”

But at his own transportation agency, Cohen granted pay hikes ranging from 1 percent to 7.5 percent last year. Some of the annual raises far exceed the hike given to Grabauskas staffers, who were supposed to get a 3 percent raise each of the next three years.

For example, William Aylward, the director of administrative services at the executive office of transportation, made $89,866 last year, and pulled in $95,034 this year, nearly a 6 percent raise.

Why were the T raises bad and his agency’s raises good?  I’m guessing they have to do with the party registration of he who is giving the raise.  You see Dan Grabauskas is a Republican.  Here’s hoping Dan runs for office in 2010.  His able adminstrative skills would be an asset as Secretary of State for instance.

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