Constitution Party Presidential Candidate on the Ballot

(For people like “Vote3rdpartynow” and Conservatives, I thought this might interest you)

I recieved an e-mail today from the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Massachusetts. I will let his own words speak for themself.

“It is now official, unless something really nutty happens, Chuck baldwin and Darrell Castle have made ballot access here in Massachusetts. At approximately 11:20am I was given the news at the Sec. of the Commonwealths office. 15267 certified signatures were counted. What a relief and a sense of joy ran all through me. A number of people have made this happen and I do want to say thankyou to all that put in a good effort to help us succeed. Now the real work must begin. We need to get his name known and that wont be easy without some help and input from those that would like to see this get a jump start.

The state of Massachusetts will have another choice besides the lesser of two evils. Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle are strong Constitutionalist, Strong on a National Defense, 100% Pro-Life, unlike the other combo parties, Pro America, truly Pro Family, against illegal immigration, the other 2 combo parties sure aint.

Are you sick of the 2 party system that in reality is nothing more than 2 wings of the same bird of prey, then checkout the Baldwin castle team at

Hope to see you at that polls

Rich Selfridge”

If I am not mistaken, this will be the Constitution Party’s first time ever being on the Presidential ballot in Massachusetts. Baldwin/Castle joins our own John McCain/*Crosses fingers for Romney*, Obama/Biden, and 3rd party candidates Ralph Nader (I), Cynthia McKinney (G-R), and stand in candidate George Phillies (L).

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