Bobby Jindal deserves the VP

While John McCain has been wishy-washy in extremis when it comes to the Special Priveleges demanded by the armies of Sodom, Lousiana Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jhind’aal is standing firm, having announced that he would not reissue a ban on discriminating against gays and lesbians in the workplace.

This is a line in the sand that needs to be drawn and one can only hope that other states will follow suit. If you cannot discriminate in the workplace, where CAN you discriminate?

The only real issue with this is proving that someone is a genuine gay. It’s not always as easy as you think. For example, a man may be very effeminate-he might dress in pastel colors and listen to Gloria Gaynor and drink blush wines-but he still might be heterosexual, even if he’s not exactly a great example. Conversely, I have known serious practicing homosexuals, I mean the promiscuous as can be types, who listen to metal and watch football. So weeding them out can be a tricky business.

In Massachusetts you are not even allowed to ASK if a prospective employee practices the gay lifestyle! If I own a business, then, I am supposed to be in the dark when it comes to a person who may be spreading both disease and morally degradation around the office. Once he has sickened and also totally sapped the morale of his fellow (straight) employees, and my business folds, I am responsible for the debts, while he can sashay off to another job at the expense of another unwitting employer.

I heard today that  McCain is going to pick Romney. Well, at least they look good-this is the face of America that people want to see, the face of mature men who know the ways of the world (face it, it’s not racist to say that white man of their age know the world best, are the most trustworthy-someday we will say that fop black men and Asians). I am no happier than you with the idea of a Mormon, but I also support Jhindaal, who is born Hindu, but who is a terrific Catholic (how many Catholics do you know that actually held a demoniacally possessed girl down and performed an excruciating exorcism on her like Governor Jhinda’al did?)

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