Beatty: Obama Not Ready to Lead, and John Kerry Never Has

From a MassGOP Press Release:

US Senate Candidate Jeff Beatty said, “America can’t afford to have Barack Obama and John Kerry bringing their remakes of the same, tired failed liberal policies of the past  to Washington at a time when so much is at stake. Barack Obama is not ready to lead and John Kerry never has.”

Beatty added,”As a U.S. senator, I’ll draw on my experience as a business executive to develop and support comprehensive National Economic policies that pass the “common sense” test and I will use my leadership experience as a former FBI Special Agent, CIA counter-terrorism officer and member of the Army’s elite Delta Force to pursue National Security policies that will truly secure America’s future at home and abroad.  We don’t need a weaker America with Barack Obama and John Kerry, we need a stronger America with John McCain and Jeff Beatty.”

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