Barack Obama’s Got Your Number

If Barack Obama wins the presidency this November, a part of his success might be attributed to his superb skills as an organizer. This recent New York Times article should be a wake-up call to John McCain in particular & Republicans in general if it isn’t already. Team Obama’s creative use of today’s new technology is part of the reason why the mass media is in love with him (ideological compatibility is another). It’s also going to be an important tool for Obama to use as president & has the potential to significantly transform the art & science of grassroots politics. Obama isn’t kidding when he fancies his candidacy (& potential presidency) as “transformational”. Get serious about this, GOP. Get serious!

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  • The Angelic One

    It’s like Paul Simon’s “The Sound Of Silence” tune. If the lack of interest here at RMG on Obama’s brilliant use of technology for his campaign (& how he plans to use it once in office) is symptomatic of the GOP itself regarding this issue, then I shudder at the thought of what might happen this coming November.

  • Knightbrigade

    I WAS gonna comment..but thought not..

    I’m not impressed with Obama’s tech use, nor do I think it will be a significant factor.

    Kind of like his clone Empty suit Governor Deval Obama Jr. was going to use the web for weekly/monthly updates when he took office..

    How’d that make out? ….yup pooof

    Getting back to Obama and his text messages. Mostly young people PLAY with texts, and we all know young make up a very small unreliable percentage of the voters come election day.

    I’m sure TV was a great technology when it first came out, and some politician was first to use it, but once it became main stream every hack stepped right in and makes use of that technology today. In the future when text message users become main stream and a large enough factor, then great reach out to them.

    Until then I say focus on reaching out to the solid tried and true–which is the majority of Seniors, blue collar workers, and those “clingy” religious gun owners!!

    Obama is using texts because his BASE is NOT mainstream. He can reach out to all the kiddies, liberals, and blacks till the cows come home.


  • Laurel

    I get regular fund raising mail from him.  And mind you, I’ve never signed up with his campaign for anything.  So he sure knows how to find the registered dems and obviously has the wherewithal to keep spending on mail asks to people like me who have never contributed a penny.