Armed 85 year old woman stops burglar

A must read for all the people that question the benefits of carrying a weapon and having second amendment rights.  Read the story here:…

In a nutshell – the woman finds a burglar in her home.  She walks past him to her bedroom and retrieves a gun.  She then holds him at gunpoint and forces him to call the police.  The police show up and arrest the kid.

The whole story is like a magical, wonderful bedtime story – complete with a happy ending.  

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  • Knightbrigade


    You KNOW where I stand on this issue….

    The burglar should consider himself VERY lucky…

  • Laurel

    The burglar was a 17 year old kid.  She’s lucky he was chicken rather than played chicken and eventually removed the gun from her grip while betting that she wouldn’t actually pull the trigger.  Not that she wouldn’t have, but we don’t know.  Looks like she was really, really lucky and that kid would have boltet anyway if he knew he had been found out.  She’s lucky she wasn’t up against someone with spine or a violent fear of reincarceration factor.  Just sayin.

  • geo999

    More decent, law abiding citizens might take heart, and more useless thug dirtbags might take heed.