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Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, a Florida co-chairman of Barack Obama's campaign, said choosing Palin showed poor judgment by McCain.

“John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin is clearly a political ploy aimed at capturing the votes of women who formerly supported Senator Hillary Clinton,” Wexler said. “But the fact is Sarah Palin is a far right, pro-life zealot who can not hold a candle to Hillary Clinton's lifelong fight to better the lives of women everywhere. Americans should be alarmed that the former mayor of a town of 9,000 people with zero foreign policy credentials could be a heartbeat away from assuming the role of Commander in Chief.”

Again…not the best way to win Bitter-Clingy land.

They are going to find it tougher and tougher to attack the pro-life angle without looking like the complete a****les that they are.

The results of Gov. Sarah Palin's prenatal testing were in, but the doctor's tone was ominous: “You need to come to the office so we can talk about it.”

Palin, known for a resolve that quickly launched her from suburban hockey mom to a player on the national political stage, said, “No, go ahead and tell me over the phone.”

The physician replied, “Down syndrome,” stunning the Republican governor.

Now, she said, she is trying to balance caring for her special-needs child and running the nation's largest state.

The doctor's announcement in December, when Palin was four months pregnant, presented her with a life-changing and possibly career-changing development.

“I've never had problems with my other pregnancies, so I was shocked,” said Palin, a mother of four other children.

“It took a while to open up the book that the doctor gave me about children with Down syndrome and a while to log on to the Web site and start reading facts about the situation.”

The 44-year-old governor waited a few days before telling her husband, Todd, who was out of town, so she could understand what was ahead for them.

Once her husband got the news, he told her: “We shouldn't be asking 'Why us?' We should be saying 'Well, why not us?' “

There was never any doubt the Palins would have the child, and on April 18 she gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin.

“We've both been very vocal about being pro-life,” Palin said. “We understand that every innocent life has wonderful potential.”

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