Where is the support

(Asked for and delivered, thanks Rob and Barney! – promoted by Cool Cal)

Has anyone noticed that the MASSGOP site does not list any Candidates for any office. The candidates page is empty. I have emailed all the state party officials over the last several weeks about this problem and no action has been taken. It would be good if everyone contact the the state party officials and demand action and put the list up…

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  • Rob Willington

    I’m working on the new MassGOP.com site right now which will have a complete candidate’s page… I wanted to have this site up 2 weeks ago but am stuck on a few outside parties that are not within my control.

  • Barney Keller

    I threw up a temporary listing until the new website launches.

  • In his front paging comment Cool Cal notes that we “asked for…” and that “Rob and Barney” delivered the candidates section of http://www.MassGOP.com but let me develop that a little further.

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve emailed or called Rob and Barney (or for that matter Lyndsay Jones & Peter Torkildsen) and gotten a near immediate response on whatever my question or concern was of that hour.  Heck, I’m wondering what sort of personal lives these people have considering how often they are being bugged by me & are constantly laboring on behalf of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

    Far too often those up at Merrimac Street are the target of every grip & grievance – justly or unjustly – but far, far more often than not they they are stoically plugging away and slogging through what is the very treacherous political scene here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  All the while Peter, Rob, Barney, & Lyndsay are the most responsive, communicative, active, & indeed pro-active group that I’ve worked with over these past many years.

    No human institution is perfect & there will always be room for improvement & firm but respectful correction.  To use a poor analogy this Independence Day, the USS Constitution doesn’t sail in a straight line but it traverses the seas by tacking with the wind.  However, we are often quick slam the aforementioned when the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry yet when they get something right, including if not especially the every day small things, they deserve their due public credit!