The John Edwards Follies Redux

As one writer explains , there really isn’t much gloating room anywhere on this one. We REALLY need to start cleaning up our own extremely messy, stables ratherthan casting brickbats at the liberals. Remember when being a Republican meant something–something beyond some superficial differences with Democrats over taxation (because Jon Voight is clearly a paranoid nutbag–with friends like him,…..) or mild differences over foreign policy? Something thathad to with character and integrity and a sense of morals? Sadly, we aren’t entitled to the smallest bit of smugness over thw Edwards story, seeing as what poor spineless specimens, with no real respect for traditional family values whatsoever, no matter what stay, we cheer and contribute to?

Anway, to the story…:

Why is everybody so squeamish about this story? Because it ruins the 2008 campaign narrative, which is all about the grizzled old war veteran vs. the hopeful young star. Because, if true, it is a tawdry and tragic ending to a political love story that was just an embarrassing media performance.

It reminds us that John McCain left his wife, after she was disfigured in a car accident, so he could chase women in bars until he met the beer heiress of his congressional-district dreams.

It reminds us that Bill Clinton squandered a successful second term in a prosperous, peaceful America by shaming his family and the country with his dumb redneck inability to keep his pants on, and it reminds Hillary supporters that she would likely be the Democratic nominee today if Bill wasn’t such a self-centered jackass.

It reminds us that the last Agent of Change in Washington was an ambitious young legislator named Newt Gingrich, whose divorced his first wife while she was fighting cancer, and left his second wife after she was stricken with multiple sclerosis, and carried on an adulterous affair with a young congressional aide — now his third wife — while leading the charge to impeach Bill Clinton for having “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky.

It even reminds us that Barack Obama and his picture-perfect wife and kids on the cover of People magazine are not “normal” at all. They are the imaginary American family, successful and attractive, somehow rising from modest backgrounds and all the American prejudices against single parents, minorities and mixed-race kids.

It reminds us that politicians in Washington are creeps and weirdos, and whether they’re Senator Larry Craig cruising for gay sex in an airport bathroom or ex-Senator John Edwards hiding from tabloid reporters in a Beverly Hills hotel bathroom, they are twisted little Caligulas pretending to be statesmen, on your dime.

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