Subsides and High Gas Prices

(With Biofuels you can fill up your SUV and drive by all the starving poor people. – promoted by Cool Cal)

So the Biofuels industry takes huge subsidies from the federal government but claims that its worth it because they keep the price of gas low?

Last time I checked it was at $4.09 a gallon, up by almost $2 during the last year.

We should thank the biofuels industry next time you’re filling up your tank for keeping the prices so low. Or rather, thank them at the grocery store for the rise in food prices.

Either way, those subsidies are sure working magic!

Here’s the quote from the State House News story:

Andrew Schuyler, director of Boston-based Northeast Biofuels Collaborative, said spikes in food prices were largely attributable to competition from China, drought and mismanaged trade policies, not biofuels.

“Big Oil and their minions in the factory farm and grocery industries are threatened by biofuels because of what they represent-fuel diversification and fair prices to local farmers,” Schuyler said in a statement. “What seems to be missed is that the federal energy bill devotes more than 60 percent of the renewable fuel standard to advanced biofuels and the Massachusetts biofuels bill is 100 percent dedicated to advanced biofuels. One has to wonder why [coalition member Grocery Manufacturers Association] and others show up in Massachusetts opposing policies that lower gasoline [prices], clean the air and promote economic development.”

Andrew Schuyler seems so misguided, and he’s using our tax dollars to do nothing but make the price of bread go up. Then he thinks ‘big oil’ has minions in the farming and grocery industry… so odd…  

Yes, Andrew those evil ‘factory’ farmers and grocers are really trying their best to screw the American people.    

Drill Now.  

Drill in ANWR.

Stop the handouts.  

Stop people like Andrew Schuyler.  

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