Should TV Viewers Boycott The Summer Olympics?

Chinese police on Friday attempted to prevent television news cameramen in Beijing from photographing a mini-riot that occurred among 30,000 people who had lined up to buy tickets for Olympics events. The Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal observed, “Beijing's struggle to deal with foreign journalists covering the Olympics reached a new low Friday, when several accredited reporters were assaulted or detained by police.” A Hong Kong television station said that two of its reporters were jailed and that police asked the pair to delete their footage of the melee.

America protested the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan by boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. China was given the nod to host the Olympics with the understanding that it would showcase itself not only as a rising power but as a civilized member in the community of nations.

Given the fact that China continues its ruthless suppression of Tibet, its persecution of its own citizens, & the brutal treatment it at times dishes out to its domestic & foreign critics (like the media mentioned above), shouldn't we viewers express our displeasure by refusing to watch the games? It may not be much of a gesture in & of itself but, if enough people did it, it might hit advertisers hard – hard enough so that said advertisers wouldn't participate in any future Olympic event hosted by any country whose government displays an open contempt for human rights the way today's China does. Thoughts?

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