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Today’s edition of the Boston Globe (7-16-08) reported that the State Senate repealed a 1913 law which had the effect of preventing homosexual & lesbian couples who reside in other states from being married in Massachusetts. The action was taken by a unanimous voice vote. That’s right – unanimous. Not a peep from allegedly “pro-family” GOP senators to either demand a roll call vote or at least cry out “nay” to repealing the law. Are Senate Republicans still considered an opposition party or have they become useful idiots for the Democrat Party? The GOP is the gift that keeps on giving – to the Democrats.

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    Tisei supports Gay marriage.  Therefore Tisei ain’t gonna speak up.

  • Ken Pittman

    who think their constituents are beneath their approval.

  • Karl Marx

    OK so everyone here’s upset with the GOP leadership in the Senate. Is it time for social conservatives to start a third party? How would that work out? Would it evolve into the check and balance on the Democrats that the Angelic One maintains? Unlikely for a variety of reasons. Who was the last social conservative elected to a statewide office? Ed King maybe?

    The fact of the matter is that the social conservatives have virtually no alternative venue save for the Republicans. A third party push would draw votes away from the Republicans. This helps solidify a one party state.

    The predominate party in Massachusetts in currently unenrolled. These independents lately are trending left or liberal. At one time they were primarily fiscal conservatives. That’s not the case anymore. How do Republicans attract these voters.

    There is the prospect of challenging all of the five Republican State Senators. Of course the Dems will be there to pick up the pieces. Look at some of those districts i.e. Tisei and Hedlund. Those are dominated by Democrats. They’re easy seats to peel off.

    Be careful for what you wish for….


  • Were they expected to speak out in support of their Republican constituents? Are there feet going to be held to the fire by the rank and file Republicans come Election season? Will challengers in a primary receive support from the MASSGOP or will the party back the incumbent RINOs as they traditionally do?  

  • Was the 1913 law’s original purpose to prevent interracial marriage?  If so, that would seem to make it a fairly toxic thing to support even if it’s current purpose is different.

    Since gay marriage is now legal in CA what prevents CA from becoming the “las vegas of gay marriage” rather than us?  

    Does the legal status of gay marriage in other states lessen the reasoning for keeping the 1913 law?

    Doesn’t DOMA already prevent what the 1913 law would prevent?

  • JoeTS

    My view, as a Republican, has been represented.

  • wavemaker

    to transfer the line item for the minority leader’s budget the the senate president’s account.

    I mean seriously, name an issue in the last year that Tisei has represented a Republican position.

    Rich! You’ve been CAPTURED! Realize it, admit it, and freaking RETIRE if you can’t do your goddamn job!!

  • You need 5 people to raquest a roll call.

    The good guys didnt have 5 people, everyone knew it ,so it was just passed through as a voice vote.

    Sen president Terry Murray knew it, she would have just ignored the 4 and moved on.

    This is how politics works. It is our system.

    It is what it is.  

  • The Angelic One

    State GOP Committeemen Matt Kinnaman has a short letter in the Berkshire Eagle on this issue.