Same Day voter registration

So the senate passed same day voter registration… I have no idea if the house is inclined to pass it… thoughts RMG?

Does anyone have problems with people showing up the day of an election and registering to vote?  Does anyone smell the opportunity of major voter fraud which DOES happen and HAS happened.  

Does anyone worry about changing the rules of an election, less than 100 days to the election?   What about candidates that might have spent money on registration efforts but now realize they didn’t have too?

The Salem News Agrees, it’s a bad idea:…

Advocates of same-day registration are jeopardizing the security of elections and imposing costs on cities and towns in pursuit of a few percentage points of voter turnout.

Those who founded our nation intended that the people would be an active and informed electorate, citizens who studied and understood the matters at hand before they cast their ballots. Do we really want to be ruled by people who just don’t care?

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