Romney on Obama: This is not the time for an amateur

The former Republican Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney warned of the recklessness of handing over the White House to an untested Senator Barack Obama yesterday in a CBS interview

“This is not the time for an amateur,” Romney said of presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama. “This is the time for a tested, proven professional to lead our country.”

Romney brims with confidence and is almost always unflappable. The McCain campaign has taken advantage of Romney’s willingness to take the offensive by encouraging him to make TV appearances on the senator’s behalf.…

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  • Wirklichkeit

    For an “amateur”, the Obumbler didn’t seem to have any trouble sending the Hillary juggernaut to the junk yard.  Don’t misunderestimate that guy!  As for Romney, I don’t think his professional experience in the world of vulture capitalism is what I want anywhere near the Oval office.    

  • eury13

    Seriously, though, Romney ran on 4 years of elected experience as a Governor. Obama has spent as much time in the Senate and more time before that as a state official.

    So from what position is he criticizing Obama’s experience?