Punished for Voting for Ron Paul

Who was the shill with a list of Elected Delegates who voted for Ron Paul?  This individual had a list of names of the Delegates at the Committee Meeting on Monday Night and walked around speaking to some of the Delegates (until he was uncovered) showing the list and telling (not asking) Delegates not to vote for them.

I don’t believe Mitt Romney nor Peter Torkildson nor any of the Honorable Alternates are aware this was being done.

What’s interesting is that the person doing this didn’t know who voted for Ron Paul (why should he?) and so had approached a few of those individuals and they spoke up, saying that they had indeed voted for Ron Paul, so what?

Does the Republican Party want to increase its numbers?  Do they want fiscally conservative Delegates and Alternates with principles?  Who would spearhead such an outrageous act?

I have my own suspicions about who the individual is who created the list and then had someone else pass it around….anybody else?

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