Our REAL Hope is Local

It is good to see a sizeable number of posts about Massachusetts Republicans (I spent quite some time reading on this board before posting–it’s been an invaluable resource when it comes to learning about state leadership and politics–would that your average Globe ‘n Herald reader passed through this site daily!)–it’s downright inspiring. Seems to me we have to look here in our backyard, and look to some younger folks, for genuine committment and real leadership.

Especially as REAL conservatives continue to bolt the national party’s sinking ship. Yet another case in point:

I’m a lifelong Republican – a supply-side conservative. I worked in the Reagan White House. I was the chief economist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for five years. In 1994, I helped write the Republican Contract with America. I served on Bob Dole’s presidential campaign team and was chief economist for Jack Kemp’s Empower America.

This November, I’m voting for Barack Obama.

His credentials are unimpeachable, his commitment unswerving, and his name will be familar to many of us–Larry Hunter (“…former staff director of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and president of the Social Security Institute”), cited in the NY Daily News (and yes,  I know how we all feel after that atrocious “Papelbum” headline two days ago…)

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