Olver Home Heating Plan Fails 75% of Needy Bech says “Drilling will provide relief for all.”


Olver Home Heating Plan Fails 75% of Needy Bech says “Drilling will provide relief for all.”

21st July 2008

Nathan Bech (R – West Springfield) expressed bewilderment about incumbent John Olver’s (D- Amherst) continued unwillingness to loosen regulations for new refineries or to allow drilling for oil in ANWR and offshore drilling in the United States.  “Olver knows seniors and poor people will freeze this winter if we do nothing.  He knows his plan won’t work and still he pursues the same failing polices,” said Bech

In a speech before the House of Representatives on Wednesday July 16th Olver explained, “A whole new crisis looms as families face a price approaching $5 per gallon for heating oil for their homes. That’s twice last winter’s price.  Last winter in Massachusetts and New England alone, 350,000 low-income families used the LIHEAP program to get by, yet only one in four of the families eligible by income use the program. Many of those already eligible families will be in desperate need of help this winter, and many more middle-income families’ budgets will be severely stressed by the doubled price of home heating oil.”

Bech argued that Olver’s own words prove three quarters of the people refuse government handouts for heating oil.  “The people of central and western Massachusetts do not want to be dependant on welfare to heat their homes.  We are self sufficient and don’t want to take handouts.  We simply want government to get out of the way and let increased supply lower costs.  If we allow new refineries to be built and if we allow off-shore drilling energy prices will go down,” said Bech.

Olver blamed Republicans for the crisis saying, “Congress must end rampant speculation in crude oil futures, yet our Republican colleagues in both branches have consistently opposed such legislation.”

Bech responded, “It is Economics 101, when action to increase supply is taken, the price of futures goes down and speculators leave the market place.  When the executive offshore drilling ban was lifted last week the price of crude went down $9 a barrel with in hours.  Olver doesn’t seem to have a problem with speculators in the pharmaceutical industry; after all he has thousands of dollars in Pfizer stock.”

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