Ogonowski outraises Beatty in second quarter, even after dropping out.

PolitickerMA.com reports that in the second quarter, Jim Ogonowski raised $243,000 compare to Jeff Beatty’s $214,000.

Jeff Beatty, the presumptive Republican challenger to U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-Boston), spent more than he took in last quarter, with $214,000 in receipts and $262,000 in expenditures. His second quarter financial filings with the Federal Election Commission shows he had $33,500 in cash on hand as of June 30 — less than a third of what he had three months prior.

Beatty made a $6,000 zero-interest self-loan on June 5, yet two months earlier, the campaign paid him the same amount for office space usage. He received $208,000 in individual contributions, less than the $243,000 failed Republican candidate Jim Ognowski raised despite shutting his campaign down for the last month of the quarter.

The Beatty campaign listed $6,000 in debts (all owed to Jeff Beatty).  Beatty’s campaign ended the quarter with less than $34,000 cash-on-hand.

Ogonowski, who dropped out of the race in early June after not getting on the ballot, ended the quarter with $51 cash.

Apparently being the presumptive Republican Nominee has not translated into a fundraising boost for Beatty’s campaign.

Things don’t look good for Team Beatty.

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