Non-Political Group Memberships

In the past I’ve been nosey and inquired about my fellow blogger’s reading habits in terms of both conservative magazines & books but now, well consider me curious yet again.  This time, conservative or otherwise, I thought I’d ask what non-political groups do people belong to?  

I wager that there are at least a handful of Freemasons, Lions, Elks, Kiwanis, & Rotarians around here.  How about other social, civic, or sports related clubs, groups, etc?  I thought it might be interesting to see what this subsection does – besides – the explicitly political: Republican ward/town & city committees, GOP county clubs, etc.

I’m not really looking for which groups do you donate to (such as in my case the Dartmouth Heritage Preservation Trust, Buttonwood Park Zoological Society, New Bedford Whaling Museum, the NRA, GOAL, or the alumni associations at both UMass Dartmouth & Boston) but rather I’m interested in those groups within which you actively participate.

For example, I belong to the Knights of Columbus (4th degree Sir Knight at the Bishop Stang Council #4532 & Bishop James E. Cassidy Assembly #405).  I’m also a member of the Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford & I sit upon the board of directors for the Dartmouth Education Foundation.  Finally, I’m a Dartmouth Town Meeting Member & I belong to the Dartmouth Historical Commission.

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