New York Sun’s Gitell: Presidential candidates should condemn inane ‘war crimes’ trial

Gitell hears the sound first rung by RedMassGroup on the inanity of Dean Velvel.

As far as what of Mr. Bush’s activities constitute potential offenses to merit jail or execution, Mr. Velvel provides a bill of particulars. “We not only have a years-long unwinnable war, but also torture, kidnappings and renderings to foreign countries for torture, many years of detention without trial of people who are innocent,” he wrote in his oped.

To suggest, as the law school dean does, that any of this might be equivalent to the despots of the Axis Powers during World War II is offensive. “This is truly outrageous,” the Heritage Foundation’s director of U.S.-Senate relations, Brian Darling, said. “It shows how far out of the mainstream many in the legal community are.” Mr. Darling also warns that permitting foreign judges to have jurisdiction in America would allow international law to trump our own and “erode the United States constitution.”

One of the goals the school’s dean has for the conference is for it to “make the prosecutions an issue in the 2008 political campaign.” What the candidates should condemn is the possibility of international war crimes tribunals against Mr. Bush.

The Left’s adherence to moral equivalence has sunk beneath levels of contempt!

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