Nathan Bech: Self-Service Congressman Can’t Take Heat, Waits for Cooler Weather to Start

Self-Service Congressman Can’t Take Heat, Waits for Cooler Weather to Start

08th July 2008

Congressman John W. Olver (D-Amherst) has declined to spend a day pumping gas for local drivers with with opponent Nathan Bech (R-West Springfield) . Olver is also postponing his campaign against Bech until late fall.  According to Olver campaign manager Debra Guachione,  “Congressman Olver will not engage in general election-related campaign field activities prior to the primary election”.  The Democratic primary election is September 16th.

Bech had challenged Olver to spend a day listening to voters at gas stations throughout the district.  Bech accuses Olver of championing policies that raise the oil prices.  Gasoline prices have increased over $1.50 a gallon since Olver became chairman of the House transportation subcommittee two years ago.  Olver faces a Democratic primary challenge from former supporter Robert Feurer, a West Stockbridge civil rights attorney.

Bech campaign manager Isaac Mass described Olver’s decision as a snub to the voters.  “We wanted to get John Olver off the bike path and to the gas stations to hear what voters have to say about about his policies. We know that he really likes to send out partisan campaign literature paid for by the taxpayers.  Is it so much for him to spend a day listening to them?”, asked Mass.

“Olver doesn’t want to get into the game until the last inning.  He has every right to take the summer off, but I think the voters will extend his vacation in November.  It is very telling about his status within his own party that he has to put all his energy has to go into being renominated.  Maybe he will wake up when our region loses a billion dollars in foliage tourism revenue because of high gas prices.  This self-service congressman is so busy pleasing special interests that he just doesn’t have time for voters anymore”, concluded Mass.

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