Nathan Bech – Olver “arrogant and out-of-touch” as Citizens Face Cold Winter

Olver to Citizens Facing Cold Winter: Stop whining Bech terms Olver remarks “arrogant and out-of-touch”, calls on incumbent to carpool.

18th July 2008

Olver to Citizens Facing Cold Winter: Stop whining Bech terms Olver remarks “arrogant and out-of-touch”, calls on incumbent to carpool.

Congressional candidate Nathan Bech (R-West Springfield) criticized Rep. John Olver (D-Amherst) for the incumbent’s recent comments on energy.  In a June 25th floor speech before the House, Olver blamed his constituents for the high price of gas. “For America, the only certain solution to the high price of gasoline is to reduce the consumption of gasoline. We can drive slower. We can drive less. We can carpool. We can use public transportation when it’s possible. We can develop ‘work from home’ wherever and whenever that’s feasible as an option.  We must start pursuing all of these strategies immediately.”

Bech lambasted Olver for his comments, saying “John Olver has finally admitted that he has no solution to the energy crisis.  In his world, citizens stop going to work, farmers ride a bus through the fields, and the elderly pedal bikes to the doctor.”

Bech alleged that as chairman of the House Subcommittee on Transportation Olver has shown no leadership.  Gas prices have risen over $1.50 a gallon since Olver took the committee’s helm. Bech says, “Olver is surrendering when leadership is needed most.  Olver is telling millions of senior citizens and poor people to turn off the heat and eat cake this winter.  It is immoral to treat our most vulnerable citizens as collateral damage in his extremist environmental crusade.”  Bech described himself as a “Teddy Roosevelt environmentalist” who supports enviormentally sound energy policy including both alternative energy and domestic fuel production.

“The thing John Olver doesn’t get is that he’s one of the reasons people drive so far each day.  Silvio Conte kept jobs in this district for decades and John Olver lost the bulk of them in a couple of terms.  Scenic bike paths don’t create jobs and you can’t get to work on them in January”, added Bech.  

Taking a cue from the speech, Bech challenged Olver to live up to his own words and “Start pursuing all of these strategies immediately,” by carpool with Bech to Washington, DC in the next few months.  

“I know Olver wants to dodge me until after the primary, but he should ask which is more important politics or the planet,” said Bech.  Bech’s campaign, which is 100% carbon neutral, noted Olver flys back and forth to DC on a airliner with high carbon emissions.  “I drove four people in a Prius to D.C. the week of John’s speech.  I am sure we can make room for John on our next trip,” said Bech.

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