Mass District Attorneys and Democrats in Legislature fail to protect children

Protecting nothing but their records of convictions (no matter how slight the sentencing), Massachusetts DAs advised the house to weaken a bill which would have met with “Jessica’s Law” criteria. Republican state Rep. Karyn Polito was unable to convince the liberal majority of the house to vote for mandatory sentences for child rapists. Instead, the bill offers mandatory sentencing for Aggravated Rape, which requires a weapon to accompany the rape.

For the love of God, how many brutal sodomizing, raping sexual offenders need a .45 or buck knife to over power 40 – 50 pound children?

The Democrats in Massachusetts have disgraced themselves by blowing an opportunity to remove sentencing discretion from liberal judges who have disgraced this state in national news stories regarding sex offenders let loose to rape more victims again and again.

It is now left to the Massachusetts state senate to strengthen the bill. Please call your senator today.

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