Jeff Beatty to John McCain: “Gov. Mitt Romney is Your Best Choice for V.P.”…

Beatty to McCain: “Gov. Mitt Romney is Your Best Choice for V.P.”

July 22, 2008

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Tuesday July 22, 2008  


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US Senate Nominee Jeff Beatty to Sen. John McCain: “Governor Mitt Romney is Your Best Choice for  V.P Slot”

In recommendation letter, cites Romney’s experience leading through tough economic times as crucial for challenges faced by Americans today.

Boston, MA – Citing the wealth of economic experience and a stellar record as governor of the Commonwealth, Jeff Beatty recommended Mitt Romney as the right Vice Presidential running mate to help McCain guide the country through these tough economic times.   In a letter to Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Beatty wrote that Gov. Romney has the kind of economic experience Americans are craving right now and is a key to victory in November.

In Monday’s letter to McCain Beatty wrote: “Our country faces two great challenges: a National Security challenge and a challenge to our National Economy.  I believe that your leadership as our President and the economic experience of a Vice President Mitt Romney is the combination that will ensure America meets those twin challenges successfully.”  

Beatty, a small business man and a national security expert, says “America right now needs leaders with the relevant experience. A McCain-Romney ticket offers Americans the best possible Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates with the relevant experience to meet our two top challenges.”

Beatty citied Romney’s leadership taking a scandal plagued Winter Olympics in Utah and turning it into one of the most successful in history. As Governor, Romney confronted an economic deficit and avoided new taxes for Massachusetts, while providing a $2 Billion surplus in revenue.  Beatty also points to an ineffective Democratic Congress, including John Kerry, who presided over a 50% increase in the price of gasoline, a collapse of our housing market and now a growing list of bank failures.  All these pressures are seriously affecting working families.

“There is no one better to help John McCain lead America out of a tough economy than Gov. Romney.”  said Beatty, who became the Republican nominee for Senate in Massachusetts in June.  “Americans are tired of career politicians who are out of touch.  For many it’s all about politics, but for us it’s personal.  A McCain-Romney ticket is the bold leadership needed to protect our families, our jobs and our country.”

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