Jeff Beatty on John Kerry’s Judgment…

Jeff Beatty on John Kerry’s Judgment

July 7, 2008

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Monday July, 7, 2008  


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Senate Candidate Jeff Beatty to John Kerry:

“You Can’t Be Trusted”

Obama adopts position closer to Beatty than Kerry on Iraq; Kerry has shown same poor “judgment” throughout senate career.

Boston – US Senate nominee Jeff Beatty’s experience in the Military as a Delta Force Officer and in the Intelligence Community provided the relevant experience that allowed Beatty to know in 2003 we should not have gone into Iraq as we did. However, knowing this enemy as few do, Beatty’s experience tells him that once in Iraq, we now need Milestones and Benchmarks that would allow the US to leave Iraq soon and with a success.  Barack Obama’s recent rejection of a timetable to leave Iraq now seems to agree with Beatty – not Kerry!

Going to War. Beatty says “When John Kerry authorized placing American troops in Iraq, he showed a profound lack of judgment by making it about ‘politics’ and his personal political ambitions, a trend that has marked his entire Senate career.”  

“I looked at the same facts that Kerry did. As Senator, I would have voted against this war.  But Kerry’s vote for the war wasn’t about ‘facts’ or about protecting families in Massachusetts or our country.  It was all about his presidential run.  Today, Kerry’s continued insistence on a cut and run timetable is once again all about pandering and politics and will not result in a success.  This ‘withdrawal in the face of the enemy’ would lead to more trouble for the United States in the very near future.”

Beatty points out that even Barack Obama, for whom Kerry has been a large “handpuppet” on Foreign Policy issues, has now abandoned the idea of Kerry’s “timetable for failure” in Iraq.  Should we watch for Kerry to do another of his famous flip-flops soon?

Trust.  “Can you trust Kerry to do what is in the interest of Massachusetts citizens or what is in his own political interests?” asks Beatty.  Beatty goes on to say, “John Kerry is campaigning – not for the US Senate in Massachusetts, but for Vice President or Secretary of State in a potential Obama Administration.  It is actually John Kerry’s lack of interest in serving the people of Massachusetts that is once again exposed, along with his poor judgment and profound lack of trustworthy leadership.”

Jeff Beatty says “on November 4th, I will give Massachusetts voters a choice to vote for a Senator who can be trusted to make the right choices, for the right reasons, on the issues facing our people.”


Jeff Beatty, Republican nominee for US Senate in Massachusetts, can be found at Beatty is a small businessman (founder of who previously served in The Delta Force where he received a Purple Heart while helping rescue hundreds of Americans. He also served as a Special Agent of the FBI, advising the national Hostage Rescue Team and as a CIA Counter-terrorism Officer running successful operations in Europe and the Middle East. Beatty has received broad media coverage, at the national level from CNN, Fox News, and Human Events and locally from WBZ, The Boston Herald and Boston Globe. Beatty has also received great attention and support from bloggers across the state.

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