Jeff Beatty on Energy Reform and the Senate…

Jeff Beatty on Energy Reform and the Senate

July 24, 2008

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Thursday July 24, 2008  


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Beatty to the US Senate:  “Americans want leadership and energy reform.  Cowardly ducking the hard votes doesn’t solve our energy problems.”

Even as Bay Staters hunger for comprehensive energy reform, John Kerry is in hiding, allowing a bill to die that could help Americans overcome current energy struggle.  

Boston – US Senate nominee Jeff Beatty criticized Senate Democrats and John Kerry today for using arcane rules to cowardly duck a hard vote on a comprehensive energy bill.   As reported today by the New York Times,  Democrats – sensing growing support among Americans for oil drilling off the US coast – are canceling key hearings to avoid the final vote this week.

Republican Jeff Beatty said this about the Senate’s stalling: “When it comes to energy, this is the kind of weakness and avoidance we’ve come to expect from John Kerry and his colleagues in the Senate.   Bay Staters are struggling with high gas and heating oil prices and all John Kerry can come up with are reactive, not proactive, stop gap measures that reach further into taxpayer’s pockets.  If an idea emerges that is proactive and comprehensive, Kerry and his colleagues hide from the vote.   That’s not the leadership people want on energy, or the leadership people want in Washington – that’s just cowardly.   It’s a perfect example of why we should retire John Kerry and put someone in who will finally do the hard, right things and solve the problems of people here at home, not run from them.”

Jeff Beatty’s Comprehensive energy plan can be found here at

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