Jeff Beatty: John Kerry Can’t Rewrite His Own History…

John Kerry Can’t Rewrite His Own History

July 15, 2008


Tuesday, July 15 2008    


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Boston, MA – In Tuesday’s edition of the Boston Herald, John Kerry accuses President Bush of raising the Homeland Security Advisory System Color Code in the 2004 election cycle for “political reasons.”  US Senate nominee Jeff Beatty’s experience in the military as a Delta Force Officer and in the intelligence community provides the relevant experience that allowed him to know in 2003 that we should not have gone into Iraq as we did.  Beatty says Kerry’s comments are from an untrustworthy politician trying to re-run the 2004 presidential race and rewrite history, ignoring his own deadly hypocrisy.

Republican nominee for US Senate in Massachusetts Jeff Beatty said, “There is nothing more tragic and disappointing than hearing John Kerry accuse someone of playing politics on national security – especially when he is, without doubt, one of the worst and deadliest examples of political hypocrisy.  Yes, John Kerry’s hypocrisy has had life and death consequences for the citizens of Massachusetts and cost billions in American treasure.

John Kerry voted for the war in Iraq because, according to his advisers, it would make him look more presidential and help get him elected. Can there be a more politically motivated act? Kerry was willing to rattle his toy saber to get political attention and he did not care about the lives that would be affected.

With a successful outcome in Iraq within sight, it’s Kerry who now wants to set timetables for withdrawal that all but guarantee our failure in that region and squander the price we have paid in American lives and America’s fortune.

More than 500 families in Massachusetts have had loved ones killed or injured in Iraq.  None is more tragic than Sergeant Alex Jimenez, captured in 2007 and whose remains were just discovered.  John Kerry sent him to that war, showing us once again that he doesn’t care as much about the people of Massachusetts as he does his political career.

The good citizens of the Commonwealth are looking for leadership they can trust to act in the people’s interest, not personal political interest. Once again, Kerry proves why it’s time to replace him with one of us. I, Jeff Beatty,  will never put lives at risk for any reason except the only proper reasons, the protection of our people and our country.”

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