I guess He was surfing Monster.com

John Kerry’s press secretary Chief of Snark, David Wade just two days ago made the following comment about Barney Keller to PolitickerMA.com in regards to Rob Willington’s comments about the TMZ photos:

“If I was Barney Keller, I’d spend my time surfing Monster.Com looking for a new job instead of looking at gossip websites. Or hey, better yet, maybe they should’ve put this kind of energy into actually getting Jim Ogonowski on the ballot to get thrashed by John Kerry in November.”

Well now comes the news today that Wade is moving on to be Barack Obama’s as yet unnamed VP’s press secretary. PolitickerMA.com says:

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post reported Wednesday morning that David Wade will serve as travelling press secretary for Obama’s yet to be named running mate.

Wade has been a long-time aide to Kerry, serving as the senator’s travelling press secretary during his 2004 run for the presidency and having since landed in Kerry’s Senate office. He is widely known for some of the most colorful comments in the business (including this one that appeared on PolitickerMA.com yesterday).

Here’s to hoping that Wade’s presidential campaign track record stays intact.

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