House LOWERS gun fee

In a stunning rebuke of Governor Patrick the General Court voted to voted to not only strip Governor Patrick’s gun fee increase but to lower the fee.  

In a surprise move, the House voted 94-57 to lower the fee for a firearms license from $100 to $40.

The proposed $40 fee was approved as part of a more comprehensive bill filed by Gov. Deval L. Patrick. The bill calls for raising money to help finance the state’s near universal health care law.

When Patrick filed the bill on July 13, he proposed to increase the fee for a six-year firearms license from $100 to $200, establish a new annual $100 license inspection fee for gun dealers and hike the fee for someone from another state to carry a firearm in Massachusetts from $100 to $250. Patrick was seeking to raise money for state services.

House leaders stripped out the governor’s proposed fee increases before the bill reached the floor for a vote.

Sen. Stephen M. Brewer, D-Barre, said legislators sent a message to the governor.

“That ought to teach Governor Patrick to ask for a gun license increase,” Brewer said. “Bring in an increase and we lower it.”

It seems a majority of our legislature realizes the Second Amendment enshrines a fundamental right.

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