Fact: Deval will sign $175 Million Tax Increase

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Smokers may have to cough up an extra $1 a pack to get their nicotine fix this morning after lawmakers passed a cigarette tax hike just hitting a July 1 deadline last night.

Opponents blasted the last-minute passage of the tax as the bill awaited Gov. Deval Patrick’s signature.


The tax increase, which pols say will bring $175 million to the state

Sticking it to the taxpayers – Yes We Can!

Lowering Property taxes – No We can’t!

Keeping Promises – No We Can’t!

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  • Renee

    Just received the property tax assessment. The city of Lowell, lowered the assessment of my home but raise the assessment of my land. Guess what? My husband will be paying more in taxes, while houses our foreclosing all around man and being bought up at a much lower price then the assessed value.