Eldridge One of 15 Reps to Oppose Sales Tax Holiday

(Eldridge is the same Rep. who proposed to raise the state sales tax by 20% in his first term in office. Raising the most Regressive of taxes by 20%. How “Progressive” of him… – promoted by Cool Cal)

Steve Levy’s campaign reports in an email blast that Democrat Jamie Eldridge, who is seeking Pam Resor’s Senate seat, was one of only fifteen state reps to oppose the sales tax holiday in today’s vote.


Here is his email:


Today I received a clear reminder about why I decided to run for the State Senate in the Middlesex & Worcester District.  The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill today that calls for the establishment of a temporary Sales Tax Holiday.  I strongly support this measure and I’m happy our legislature finally got something right in passing it.  It received near-unanimous support.  There were, however, some Democrats who voted against it.  Of the fifteen that opposed this worthy legislation, one of them ironically is the man who also wishes to be our next State Senator.

Today, in an act of callous disregard for the financial strain borne by Massachusetts residents, James Eldridge voted against the Sales Tax Holiday that would provide the people of Massachusetts some much needed tax relief and help stimulate our economy.  As people in the Middlesex & Worcester District struggle with rising fuel and food costs, this tax holiday promises them some assistance and our retailers a boost in a difficult economy.  Today our opponent voted against the people of this district… do we really want him to be our next State Senator?

We can stop that from happening though. Be sure to donate now so we can have the resources to let the people of this district know that James Eldridge DOES NOT SUPPORT THEIR INTERESTS.  People are unanimously in favor of the sales tax holiday.  If we can get our message out and make people aware of our position in favor of tax relief and our opponent’s consistent position against it, it will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of electing a Republican back to this State Senate seat.  I need your help now so be sure to visit my website to donate so we can get the word out.

Please visit www.StevenLevy.org and click on the DONATE button.

Donating is not the only way you can help though. We need people who are willing to submit a “Letter to the Editor” to all of our local papers so the people of the Middlesex & Worcester District know who will best represent their interests come November. Here is a list of the local papers, make your position on the Sale Tax Holiday known NOW.

The Beacon(Acton and Boxborough) : Beacon@cnc.com

The Public Spirit(Ayer) : Editor@NashobaPub.com

The Harvard Hillside (Harvard) : Editor@NashobaPub.com

The Hudson Sun (Hudson) : CBuday@cnc.com

The Littleton Independent (Littleton) : Littleton@cnc.com

The Marlborough Enterprise (Marlborough) : CBuday@cnc.com

The Beacon Villager (Maynard and Stow) : Beacon-Villager@cnc.com

The North/South Villager (Northborough and Southborough) – GHazard@cnc.com

The Shirley Oracle (Shirley) – Editor@NashobaPub.com

The Shirley Volunteer (Shirley) – Publisher@TheShirleyVolunteer.org

The Sudbury Town Crier (Sudbury) – Sudbury@cnc.com

The Westborough News (Westborough) – Westboro@cnc.com

The Community Advocate – News@Community Advocate.com

Thank you all for your continued support and again I invite you to visit our website at www.StevenLevy.org.

Yours truly,

Steven Levy

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