Editorial: Celebrating and Safeguarding our Freedom

Here’s an instance of a “local boy” getting an article to hit the big time.  More specifically, here is a link to an editorial by Fr. Roger J. Landry, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish of New Bedford

here in the Diocese of Fall River.  The editorial was for our diocesan newspaper, The Anchor.  However, I first noticed it today over on the front page of National Review Online.

As someone who was blessed to be standing upon the South Lawn of the White House when President Bush welcomed His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI I was especially taken with Fr. Landry’s editorial and I wanted to share it with everyone.


Celebrating and Safeguarding our Freedom

Fr. Roger J. Landry

The Anchor


July 3, 2008

When President Bush addressed Pope Benedict XVI on the White House Lawn in April, he invited the Holy Father to give all Americans a catechesis on the true meaning of freedom. “In a world where some see freedom as simply the right to do as they wish,” the President said, “we need your message that true liberty requires us to live our freedom not just for ourselves, but in a spirit of mutual support.”

The Pope did not let the President down. Throughout his pilgrimage, Benedict returned time and again to the subject of freedom, celebrating with Americans the fundamental role of freedom in our history, defining its true nature, and calling our attention to counterfeit versions of freedom that are undermining the real thing.


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