Eagan: Obama Ruins Perfect Family Portrait

This is exactly what I was thinking.  Obama’s faux outrage over how much play the interview with his daughter got is just that faux.

MSNBC suspended a reporter this winter for suggesting the Clintons had “pimped out” Chelsea by having her call superdelegates for her mother. “Beneath contempt,” Clinton aides said at the time.

Yet, what Obama just did looks pretty contemptuous to me.

He agrees to a full-family sitdown interview with Access Hollywood reporter Maria Menounos.

The interview totally accomplishes its political purpose: a wary nation gets a reassuring glimpse at the new-to-the-world Obamas – who come across as warm, loving, regular, funny and All-American, not some hate-America, Jeremiah-Wright-drenched nuts.

Then yesterday, his goal achieved, the candidate who is nothing if not thoroughly media savvy claims he’s shocked, shocked! that the interview got so much play. Oh no – it’s all over TV, radio and the Internet! Who could have predicted it, especially when no one’s seen his kids interviewed before. When you think about it, no one’s ever seen possible presidential kids so young interviewed at all. Ever.

Nonetheless, Obama claimed to be stunned. What he was really doing was heading off any but-you-used-your-kids criticism by claiming it was all a mistake

It wasn’t a mistake Mr. Obama, it was a cooly calculated plan.  You are not above doing anything even if it involves putting your family in the public eye, in order to get the presidency.

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