Deval’s “New American” Immigration Initiative

(Just what we need, more “undocumented” immigrants. – promoted by Cool Cal)…

BOSTON – With several hundred newly sworn-in Americans looking on inside Faneuil Hall, Gov. Deval Patrick on Thursday outlined the goals of a new, statewide initiative to help immigrants become part of the state’s economy and society.

The “New Americans Initiative” will begin with a series of hearings to find out how to best support immigrants and the cities and towns where they live. An advisory council will make policy recommendations within 10 months.

Gov. Patrick sidestepped the issue of illegal immigration, or undocumented immigrants, when he met with reporters after Thursday’s naturalization ceremony for 365 new Americans from 82 countries.

“The New Americans Initiative is about what we did inside,” he said. “It’s about making a welcome and a warm one for new members of our commonwealth and recognizing the enormously important contributions that they have made and will continue to make to our economy and our society.”

When pressed further on whether the council would take up issues of illegal immigration, Gov. Patrick said: “The fact of the matter is that the public discussion on immigration is so poisonous, so toxic right now, I think we forget that this still is and ought to be a place that welcomes people within the rules.”

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