Corrupt Big City Unions Allowed to Run Rampant by Big City Democrats

The taxpayers of Boston learn this morning that the Boston Firefighters Union is costing them $25 million in extra payments to firefighters who aren’t working because of their alleged permanent disabilities.

One of them, Alberto Arroyo, is undergoing aggressive physical therapy — he’s an award-winning bodybuilder. His lawyer says the bodybuilding “helped him cope, emotionally and physically, with the travails and rigors of working as a firefighter.”

Between 2005 and 2007, 123 out of 166 retired Boston firefighters retired with accidental disability pensions, 67 of them an enhanced rates of pay because at the time of their injury, they were “filling in” for someone else in a senior position –at desk jobs. One of them became permanently disabled by hurting his back while moving a file cabinet.

The rash of injuries involved personnel at every level, including 67 firefighters, 16 lieutenants, and 11 captains, all of them filling in at the next-highest rank while their superiors were on vacation or out sick, sometimes for a single day.

This continuing criminal enterprise is currently under investigation by a federal grand jury.

The key is a FEDERAL grand jury. Where is our own attorney general? Where is the district attorney? Where are the legislators who collective represent the City of Boston?

I guess they’re out on disability as well — they are disabled from putting an end to this rampant corruption by the ugly fact that, Democrats all, they rely on the support of these union members to get repeatedly re-elected.

They are, plainly and simply, gutless enablers.

In 2007, two firefighters died while allegedly under the influence of coke or alcohol. In the ensuing investigation by a firefighters’ panel that concluded that there was no evidence that either’s intoxication led to their deaths, but  the autopsies of the deceased weren’t even examined (one of the firefighter’s BAC was three times the legal limit).

The Firefighters Union is hardly alone.

A federal jury just got through with a years long criminal trial of three police officers who were charged with “stealing the identities of unsuspecting motorists, protecting truckloads of cocaine, smuggling illegal immigrants, and guarding after-hours parties where uniformed officers mingled with drug dealers and prostitutes.” The ringleader was sentenced to 25 years for “conspiring to possess with intent to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine and 1 kilogram of heroin, two counts of attempting to aid and abet the distribution of more than 5 kilograms of cocaine and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking offense.”

Like the firefighters, the police officers were investigated not by the state Attorney General or District Attorney, but by the U. S. Attorney’s office and the FBI.

Criminal activity by the Boston Police is nothing new. In 1988, seven officers were convicted of “extorting thousands of dollars in bribes from restaurant and nightclub owners in the neighborhoods they patrolled.”

In 2006, the district attorney and attorney general got involved in an investigation involving drugs that had “gone missing” from a police evidence locker in Hyde Park, endangering dozens of criminal trials against alleged drug dealers.

What is the collective response from the Corrupt Big City Democractic establishment to all of this despicable abuse of public authority?


Do nothing about public employee pension overhaul.

Let the feds take care of bringing these people down.

Thank God the Department of Justice is run by a Republican — for now.

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