Back to the Future – James Earl Obama

Here are a few quotes from another great article by State Committeeman Matt Kinnaman.  Click on the link for the full piece.…

Thursday, July 17

It is only 111 days until Election Day, and like Galadriel in “The Lord of the Rings,” Obama and his peeps feel change in the water; they feel change in the earth; they smell it in the air.

What I feel and smell are ghosts of the Carter administration, indwelling the Obama Mass. Hark back: Jimmy Carter’s biggest weakness as president was his … weakness, emanating from a lack of leadership, courage and strategic geo-political vision.

When America required a risk-taking strength of purpose and clear determination in the face of multiple domestic and international threats — skyrocketing energy prices, Soviet expansionism, runaway inflation — Carter donned a cardigan sweater that made us think our chief executive was Mr. Rogers.

I can smell it in the air: Obama would be more comfortable with solar panels on the White House roof than with the bold pursuit of America’s best and most available energy supplies. His suit looks good, but who can escape the sense that, underneath it, Obama wears a cardigan

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