Another Shoe Drops on DiMasi

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So now we discover that Sal DiMasi’s personal accountant and private lender wasn’t just working for the ticket scalpers — he was working for Cognos, the subject of the other scandal nibbling at Sal’s freedom. Also in on the deal was Sal’s long-time law associate, Steve Topazio.

Software company Cognos ULC hired House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi’s law associate, and a key Cognos sales agent hired DiMasi’s personal accountant during a period when the firm was winning millions of dollars in state contracts.

The involvement of lawyer Steven J. Topazio and accountant Richard D. Vitale adds two more names to what has become a roster of close DiMasi associates who received Cognos-related money as the company was doing lucrative, though highly controversial, business with the state.

DiMasi took an active interest in a software contract awarded to Cognos in 2007 that has been sharply criticized by the state inspector general and revoked by the state. The contract award is now under investigation by the State Ethics Commission.

Topazio and Vitale could prove problematic for DiMasi because the two maintained business relationships with the speaker as they were accepting money from Cognos or from the company’s independent sales agent, Joseph P. Lally.

Boy, the staff of the Ethics Commission must be straight out these days! Maybe Sal should give them a boost in the next supp budget, get them some more resources.

The best thing about this story is this phrase, repeated twice:

…according to two people with knowledge of the business relationship.

Somebody is dropping dimes.

If the investigators take the advice of Deep Throat, it is only a matter of time before those guys in black suits will be knocking on Sal’s door with a piece of paper and some shiny chrome cufflinks.

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