And You thought Beatty-Ogo was a bruising battle

At least we kept most of the ill will behind the scenes.  In NH-2 there are three primary candidates, Clegg (the leader) and two others.  One of which is Jennifer Horn, whose campaign is being guided by Matt Wylie.  The other of which is Grant Bosse. has all the fireworks.

2nd Congressional District candidate Grant Bosse (R-Hillsboro) says one of his rivals campaign managers “threatened” to use Bosse’s family history against him because he filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against the opposing campaign.

At a press conference, Bosse said David Chesley, campaign manager for Jennifer Horn (R-Nashua), called him last night and told Bosse he would encourage reporters to look at Bosse’s FEC report. Chesley confirmed the call but denied alluding to Bosse’s father.

“At precisely 10 p.m., David Chesley, campaign manager for the Horn for Congress campaign, called my cell phone, and threatened to use my family against me,” Bosse said. “Specifically, he alluded to my father’s past legal problems, and said that ‘every reporter in the state would be looking through FEC reports’ to see who had made a contribution to my campaign.”

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