Adrian Walker – CORI Reform..and… Irony..

Does anyone else see the irony here with Adrian Walker’s recent article on CORI reform?…

CORI is interesting because it mirrors our whole conflicted view of how to deal with people who commit crime. We struggle with whether we really believe in rehabilitation, whether we want convicts living down the street, whether we want them as co-workers, whether a debt to society is ever really paid.

That’s right, this is the same Adrian Walker who was arraigned for an OUI back in March.…

The report said that Walker “stumbled and fell to the ground” while on his way to booking. Making matters worse for the Globe, he was driving a company car when Transit Police in Dorchester arrested him for speeding. He told officers that he had been at Silvertone earlier.  

I have no idea were his case stands.  It says in the article that he plead not guilty.  

But what does this say about the standards at the Globe when one of their writers, who seems to be in a bit of, well, ‘legal trouble’….gets to advocate for convict rights.  

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